What CBRN Academy do
CBRN Academy help companies and organizations to increase and secure their knowledge about and ability to handle risks, hazards and accidents that might arise when working with dangerous chemical and/or biological substances.

We support our clients by providing tailor made education packages and serious games with one objective in mind,


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to ensure that all staff groups knows how to act andwhat masseursto take on in case of an accident, crisis or serious incident.e

By providing expertise and best practice as well as access to the right methods and products we help our clients to effectively respond to, manage and address the risks and problems that might arise.

We know that the actions taken on during the first 10 – 15 minutes after en incident has occurred are crucial for the outcome. Being well prepared is vital! This can drastically change the outcome in a positive direction, limit damages and save great values.

Education packages
We help you to ensure and maintain the right competencies and level of knowledge among employees and key staff. This includes education concerning the joint EU Seveso Directive that regulates the liability of the operator of activities involving dangerous substances.

Crises management
We help you with in-depth knowledge’s about crises management and increase your ability to successfully manage a crisis/serious incident.

Serious games
We help you practice “live” under safe and realistic conditions, training the organization’s ability to handle and manage a relevant incident/crisis.

We provide equipment, products and systems for personal protection and decontamination of contaminated people.

We help you ensure and maintain relevant and updated documents and plans.

We assist you in the identification of your company’s risks/risk areas and your ability to handle these.

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